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New York Principle gets in trouble

New York principal under fire for risque Facebook photo

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First things first; how are students in danger of not graduating due to lack of credits if Principal Smalls over here is handing out credits that were not, in fact, earned? Riddle me that.

Moving on…Growing up and going through school, nobody thinks that their teachers and principals have a wild side. As far as we’re all concerned, they stay at the school until 10pm grading papers, coming up with more ways to make our lives miserable, and what not.

This, however, is not the case and is reason #2357 why educators should not have Facebook. Not all of their friends are teachers, and have jobs that require impeccable behavior at all times. There’s always that blogger friend who is going to post pictures from Saturday night of Kelsey jumping on the pole at the club, and Jason getting paddled on the bar, or in Sharron Smalls’ case, having chocolate syrup poured on her by a buff, half-naked man.

Come on, Sharron. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, girl. At least make that stuff private, and yourself unsearchable on Facebook. What is she new at this?

Rule #2 of Facebooking is to hide all activity that makes you not hire-able or fire-able. (Rule #1 is to post anything and everything that makes you look sexy and like a good time, obviously).