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who has New Years resolutions for this year?

New Year’s Resolutions & Spring Break; a doomed combination.

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First of all, Happy New Year.
We are now three days into the year 2013, which has given us all time to recover from New Year’s Eve and potentially revert back into a more normal, less intoxicated lifestyle. Then again, maybe not – I don’t know your life. This being said, you are now three days into your declared New Year’s Resolution. You’re eating better, working out more, getting your life together, and pursuing all other ambitions. Good for you.

Time to burst your bubble…
In case you haven’t though this through, New Year’s Resolutions and Spring Break are like oil and water; they don’t mix. Unless you resolved to stop giving a rat’s ass, to throw your inhibitions to the wind, and to be a booze hound, then we suggest you ditch the resolution. Same goes for Lent. Once Ash Wednesday rolls around, go get the ashes, but don’t waste your time giving up tequila – it’s not going to happen.

The one thing we do encourage you to continue doing:
Working out. Stay in the gym and get that body ready for the beaches and clubs. The greater majority of your trip will be spent in minimal clothing, if any at all, so get after it…but don’t expect it to last. It’s doubtful you will be getting up for a morning run on the beach before partying again all day and night. You’re going to need the rest come Spring Break.