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When Should I Book My 2019 Spring Break Trip?

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This seems to be the million dollar question these days; when is really the best time to book your trip for Spring Break 2019? We’re here with the long and short of it…

The short of it:

The best time is NOW.

The long of it:

Thousands of college students start planning spring break 12-15 months in advance. Now that we’re inside that window, you should be thinking about finding the best spring break package for your group.

Many of you are thinking this is crazy. How should you know where you may want to travel for Spring Break 2019 when it’s many months away? How can you even afford this when you have only just begun working your summer job? We’re here to encourage you to stop jumping to conclusions…and to offer you a helpful page from our book.

Right now is the best time to book for a number of reasons, and all these reasons benefit you, both short and long term.

Lowest Prices of the Year

Lock in the lowest price. In the travel industry, pricing increases when availability decreases. Place a low deposit now to lock in the lowest rate possible and have the most time to pay off your trip before final payment.

Multiple Destinations to Choose From

As the largest and most reputable Spring Break company, StudentCity offers the most destinations with events running during the month of March. Choose from Cancun, Punta Cana, Puerto Vallarta, Nassau, Freeport, South Padre, Daytona Beach, and more.

 Payment Plans

When you sign up for your trip you will be given a personal account login where you will sign in on the StudentCity website and pay for your trip balance over time with periodically scheduled due dates.

Switch Destinations Freely

We’ve been doing this for 30 years, which is more than long enough to know that people change their minds, things happen in the world, and you may end up wanting to change your destination; and we understand that. Switch your trip to any of our other destinations at no penalty before July 15th.

Recruit More Friends

Your school chant is a lot louder when there’s a large group of you. Booking early will give your other friends the most time possible to add into your trip. Be the one who starts the trend towards planning the best week of your life.

Now that you understand why booking spring break early is a must, we’re here to help you get started. You’ll just need to give us a little information about yourself so that we can start putting together the best spring break package for your group.