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Go on Spring Break for Free by Becoming a StudentCity Group Organizer

We’re Paying for Your Spring Break Trip

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Being in college means you are one of two things: broke or in denial about your financial situation. We’ve all been that person at the bar checking their bank account and having to make the [not so] hard decision of taking shots or going grocery shopping the next day … taking shots wins every time. And that is a decision we have been supporting for 30 years now.

We get that not everyone has the luxury of swiping daddy’s credit card to support their love of partying, and that is exactly why we want to pay for your Spring Break trip.

How To Get a Free Spring Break Trip:

Each year we count on hundreds of students much like yourself to become Group Organizers and Campus Managers, round up all of their fellow thrill-seeking, bar hopping, party animal friends, and plan the most epic week of their lives … although there isn’t much planning required on your end. All you really need to do is get in touch with us and tell us where you want to go and we take care of the rest!

Your responsibilities as a StudentCity Group Organizer basically consist of getting everyone on board to come on the most epic trip of your college career to help us fill all nine of our Spring Break destinations with a crazy crowd that’s ready to throw down.

Why Become a StudentCity Group Organizer?

StudentCity VIP Table

As a StudentCity Group Organizer, you’ll be locking in exclusive benefits that will take your trip to the next level. We’re talking bottle service at the clubs, upgraded rooms, VIP dinners, and more…


Want to experience all of these awesome perks? Click here or the button below to learn more and take the first step in earning your free trip for Spring Break!

I Want a FREE Spring Break Trip

Past Group Organizer Testimonials:

“As a three year group organizer, Student City has constantly provided an incredible experience to both myself and my group. This year, I went to Cancun with over 200+ students from my school– all of whom had an amazing time. As a VIP, the Student City staff went above and beyond to accommodate me and make sure I had all the resources possible to have a great time.

Every staff member that I encountered was extremely personable and professional. From the sales representatives to the onsite staff, StudentCity has built an incredible team and I couldn’t be happier to have used their travel services over the past three years. I 100% recommend booking your spring break travel through them. Thank you for giving my school three of the best weeks of our college experience.”

– Jonny A., Group Organizer


“I took a group of 52 down to South Padre Island. We had a great experience traveling with StudentCity. They did an exceptional job handling all of our accommodations and taking care of all of our last minute adjustments. I worked through Arnie Jimenez, who went above and beyond the call of duty to help me get everything finalized for our trip.Rob in operations did a great job of working with us during the stay to make sure our vacation was one to remember. I would definitely recommend traveling with StudentCity for an amazing Spring Break experience. I look forward to future business with the company for our next adventure in 2017.”

– Connor S., Group Organizer


StudentCity Group Organizer and Friends at VIP Cabana in Cancun