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UMass Spring Break 2014 | Nassau, Bahamas

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Year after year, StudentCity hosts hundreds of college spring breakers from UMass Amherst, and Spring Break 2014 was no different. The crew from UMass took over Nassau, Bahamas and Paradise Island Harbour Resort, and we’re pretty sure the island is never going to be the same. We want to give a HUGE shout out to Marcus C. from UMass who traveled with us and put together this insane documentary of wild time he and his hundreds of closest friends had on Spring Break 2014 in Nassau, Bahamas with StudentCity. It was a wild ride…

“Expect an experience where you get to relax, socialize, and party in paradise. The clubs are premium, the drinks are non-stop, and the party is next-level.
What happens in the Bahamas….stays in the Bahamas. The party doesn’t stop when the lights go out…” – Marcus Carlberg

After you watch the video, be sure to stick around and read more about what Marcus had to say about his Spring Break trip with StudentCity when we caught up with him earlier this week…

UMass Amherst: SPRING BREAK 2014 from Marcus Carlberg on Vimeo.

After following up with Marcus and asking a few simple questions, he couldn't say enough about the amazing, unique, exclusive experience he had in Nassau. Here's what Marcus had to say:

After hearing insane stories from my friends who graduated a year before me, I had to check out what StudentCity had to offer. The trip that was organized made perfect sense for myself and my friends. For us to not have to worry about ANYTHING while we were on vacation was a no-brainer. All-inclusive with StudentCity was the way to go.

There were so many aspects of the trip that I enjoyed but the Platinum Party Package had to be the best addition to my trip. When I think of what I got out of the party pass, my mind immediately travels to the booze cruise trip to the Sandy Toes Private Island. From the moment we stepped on the boat, things started to get weird. Booze was flowing, asses were shaking, and our crew from UMass was on our way to heaven. The experience on the island as a whole was amazing. The staff encouraged the party, the sugary drinks fueled our raucous behavior, and us college guys enjoyed the 70:30 (female to male) ratio. It was an absolutely beautiful place for us to spend our last day before continuing on to Señor Frogs later that night.

[Picking my favorite club] is a tough one. We kicked it off with a bang at one of the hottest nightclubs of the trip at Aura in Atlantis. Working in the industry, I was curious to experience one of Angel Management Groups' top locations internationally and I was not let down. Everything was on point at Aura: from the dance floor to the bathrooms, there was incredible attention to detail. The production (lights, sound, special FX) were top notch. I was thoroughly impressed.

Even though Aura was a blast, I think the club that takes the cake for many of us from UMass was The Quarter. It's tough for me to recall a time other than the time spent at The Quarter that I've had more fun with so many of my friends. The slick dance floor kept everyone on their toes.....or on their asses. Everyone was partying like it was our last night on earth. Besides the party, the location of The Quarter was absolutely breathtaking. If you needed a break from shaking your ass, you could walk over to the ledge and look out over the water to see the spectacle of massive cruise ships and celebrity yachts. It was a next level experience.

[Staying with 100% spring breakers at Paradise Island Harbour Resort] was insane! Not only did we have about 600-700 UMass spring breakers alone, we had groups from Rutgers, Endicott, Monmouth, Marist and more. The rivalry was awesome. We got into college vs. college chicken fights in the pool, drinking games on the beach, and got to meet some really cool people from different walks of life. I'm thinking of coming back post-graduation.....

Overall, the experience was everything that I could have asked for in an all-inclusive spring break trip. The main thing I enjoyed about the trip was that EVERYTHING was so organized and we did not have to worry about what our plans were every night and day. The most we had to worry about was not leaving streak marks for tan-lines.

Couldn't have said it better ourselves, Marcus! Thanks to UMass for an EPIC Spring Break 2014. Can't wait to see you guys next year!

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