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Turn to to get through your day!

Share on FacebookTweet about this on Twitter If this is your first time hearing about this website, it is basically everything that it sounds like it would be. Hotstagram pulls photos uploaded to Instagram and puts them side-by-side, allowing people to choose which photo (male/female) is hotter. Basically, it’s what Zuckerberg created before he invented Facebook. The only difference, all photos are taken directly from Instagram.

5 points for consideration:

1) Most importantly: where was this website during finals? Nothing says procrastination better than sitting on a website for hours, looking at girls/guys, and judging who is hotter. Perfect procrastination tool, where were you a month ago?

2) There is no age limit/requirement. After doing some extensive research, it is evident that Hotstagram has not mastered a way to monitor the ages of people whose photos end up on this site, given that they are taken directly from Instagram, making for some rather creepy encounters of 14-year-olds in bikinis all in your face, asking to be rated on their level of hotness. Disturbing.

3) What are people putting on Instagram? Seriously, some of these photos do not belong on a public photo sharing forum. Go on and let us know what you think. The things that some everyday people are comfortable with putting out there is a little disconcerting.

4) The main reason people are visiting this site: to see if they are on it. Let’s be honest – this is probably the main reason why many people are first going to this site. Then, regardless of if you see yourself in one of the match-ups, you still become drawn in and end up wasting countless minutes judging people – good for you!

5) The main issue: there is currently no result system. So what if your photo is on Hotstagram? It is being randomly pulled from Instagram so you’re really not that special. Once you’ve discovered that you’re on there (and inevitably voted for yourself), there’s no gratification in knowing how many times your photo has been chosen over another. Major drawback for all of the self-absorbed, selfie-taking Instagrammers. (Guily as charged?)

**WARNING: Given that these photos are randomly pulled from Instagram, don’t expect to go on and necessarily encounter a slew of smokes. This is not always the case. These individuals are not nominated to appear here. That is all we’re saying.**

Go get on and let us know what you think!