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Traveler Testimonial: Sarah Goode | Panama City Beach Spring Break 2015

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Sarah_Goode_-_2Panama City Beach is one of our favorite Spring Break spots on the map.  It is the iconic Spring Break destination that never ceases to amaze us year after year.  The insane day parties with free beer, awesome night events, and beautiful Spring Break hotels are all reasons that Panama City Beach Spring Break will be the best week of your life.

Our past traveler, Sarah Goode, went to PCB for Spring Break 2015 and had the time of her life.  Check out what she had to say about her trip.

What school do you go to? How many friends did you travel with?
This past Spring Break I traveled with StudentCity to Panama City Beach with 13 of my friends from the University of Maine. Some of us flew down right into Panama City Beach, the others were brave enough to embark on a 30+ hour drive.

What hotel did you stay at in PCB and how was it & what was it like?
Half of our group stayed at the Laketown Wharf, while the other half, myself included, stayed at the Shores of Panama. The Shores of Panama was a beautiful beachfront condominium complex with tropical pools, hot-tubs and a tiki bar. The rooms were spacious and much nicer than I ever imagined: we’re talking completely furnished with all the necessary appliances (including a blender for your frozen drinks), kitchens with granite countertops, and giant televisions in both the living room and bedroom. It was also really convenient that the Laketown Wharf was right across the street. My group had access to the hotel, pool parties with free beer and awesome pregame events. StudentCity made it very easy to get on to the property and access all the fun events. Both The Shores of Panama and the Laketown Wharf were in walking distance of the major clubs and bars: including La Vela, the biggest club in the country, and Spinnakers, where Luke Bryan performs on the beach!


Have you traveled with StudentCity before?   If no, have you been on Spring Break in general?
I traveled to Panama City Beach two years in a row. My junior year I did not travel through StudentCity and it was one of my biggest regrets. While I thought saved money by booking on my own, I realized when I got to PCB that I made a mistake. The hotel I stayed at ended up being a 40 minute cab ride from all the bars I wanted to go to, and the day parties at the hotel were mediocre at best. Traveling with StudentCity was a totally different experience. StudentCity was instrumental with the planning process of the trip and were incredible in helping me get my group organized and ready to go. When we arrived in PCB. the location was extremely convenient for everything my group wanted to do and the parties were insane, packed with students from across the country.

What was your favorite part of Spring Break in PCB?
Sharky’s Beach Bash, which all party pass holders receive a ticket too, was my favorite event that I attended while in PCB. I arrived at the Beach Bash at 10am and partied on the beach with thousands of college kids until 7pm. Diplo was the headlining performer and put on an amazing set that we raged to until sundown.

What was your favorite club in PCB?
Club La Vela was legendary. The club itself is just massive, consisting of 8 different themed rooms. They throw day parties and concerts on the pool deck throughout that day and have headliners, like Lil Jon, The Chainsmokers, and T-Pain running the club in The Thunderdome at night.

Who did you see in PCB?
I saw some amazing talent when I was down in PCB, both on the beach and in the clubs. My top performers include: Diplo, Luke Bryan, Dada Life and Vicetone.


How would you describe your experience overall?
BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE: non-stop parties, VIP experience, epic concerts, friendly and helpful onsite staff, fabulous amenities and the chance to meet college kids from across the country.

What should someone traveling to PCB for Spring Break with StudentCity expect?
Prepare yourself for the craziest week of your life, and an experience you will never forget. There is a reason why it is the biggest spring break destination in the entire United States of America.

What was the wildest thing you and your friends did on Spring Break?
I was a VIP for StudentCity down in PCB and they hooked me and my friends up with unlimited bottle service in the VIP lounge at Club La Vela. The club was packed that night, as it is every night, and it was really sweet to have someone bring you bottles of Grey Goose, instead of waiting in long line for a well drink at the bar. The VIP lounge was really spacious, and filled with a bunch of high rollers; the table next to us was reserved for Waka Flocka to give you an idea how exclusive it was.

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