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A Year in Review: StudentCity’s Biggest Moments of 2016

  It is hard to believe that we are already looking back at 2016 reflecting on everything that has happened in just 12 short months. It feels like just yesterday that we were getting ready for Spring Break 2016 with six Spring Break destinations and the hopes that year 1 of Inception at Sea, the first

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The best thing ever? A luxurious experience

SC Elite | A Luxury Experience

You’ve done the whole Spring Break scene, probably multiple times, and now you’re ready for a more upscale experience. Enter SC Elite, our exclusive line of luxury trips. Each of our elite trips is uniquely designed so that there is something for everyone. You can take off to Miami or Vegas for a domestic getaway,

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Spring Break Overview

Instagram accounts, but just to recap; it has been WILD! Bear with me while I collect my thoughts and let you guys in on what’s been going on during Spring Break 2013. If you’ve never been on Spring Break but are deciding if you are going to join us in 2014, or if you want

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