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Top Spring Break 2017 Destination for the Week of February 25th

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If your school has Spring Break the week of February 25th, you and your friends will be the first group of students kicking off the craziness that is Spring Break 2017.

Although there are not a ton of schools with Spring Break the week of February 25th, you can rest assured knowing that you are not alone. If you are looking to forward to partying in the most popular Spring Break destination for the week of February 25th, then you better plan on hopping on a plane and meeting us in Cancun, Mexico.

Why Cancun, Mexico?

For starters, Cancun is the most iconic Spring Break destination out there. Cancun, Mexico is the destination that takes your Spring Break dreams of insane day parties, enormous clubs, and crazy nightlife and makes them a reality.

We narrowed it down to a handful of reasons as to why Cancun is place you want to be for Spring Break 2017 …

  • Cancun is home to some of the largest and most luxurious nightclubs in North America, and you will get to experience all of the top clubs.
  • Inception Music Festival is our very own 30-day, 30-night music festival in Cancun, and traveling with StudentCity guarantees you availability on tickets.
  • Whether you are looking for an upscale experience or a budget option, our array of resorts offers accommodations to fit everyone’s needs.
  • Day parties are a must and our headquarter hotel, the Oasis, will show you a completely new meaning to the term “darty”.

What Does Your Cancun Spring Break Trip Include?

Booking your Spring Break trip with StudentCity means you get access to several perks that you wouldn’t get booking on your own. Check out the package inclusions below.

  • Round-trip, group airfare.
  • Affordable all-inclusive accommodations; all food and beverages paid for in one price.
  • Ground transfers for travelers to get from the airport to their hotel and back to the airport upon their departure.
  • Access to day parties at our headquarters hotels, the Krystal Cancun and Oasis Cancun.
  • Guaranteed availability on Inception Music Festival tickets which include free cover, express entry, and open bar at all Inception Music Festival night events.
  • StudentCity Welcome Orientation.
  • StudentCity wristband with 24-hour emergency telephone number.
  • Professional staff members are available 24 hours a day and are present at all events.

Spring Break will be here before you know it, so don’t waste another minute! Click here or on the button below to get more information about Cancun Spring Break and to request a custom price quote for you and your group.

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