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Top 9 Ways to Drink Beer

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This is what we find in the trash barrel on Saturday and Sunday morning.Drinking beer is probably the most famous of all college past times besides slipping a sock on your door.

The great thing about this alcoholic beverage is that it takes a while for it to make you wasted, but two or three are just enough to get a great buzz going.

And since it comes in the form of a can, longneck bottle, keg and handled pint glasses there are at least 10 ways to drink it, according to

We highly recommend drinking a cold one while reading this article. It’s for educational purposes, right?.

1. Power Hour

Let’s begin with one that may appear to be simple, but isn’t. Power Hour is a wonderful game in which a group of friends take a shot of beer every minute for 60 long ones. While this pre-party favorite was once a pain in the ass to coordinate, iTunes figured they could help us by creating an iPowerHour application, which changes the song every minute.

You never need to look at a clock again!

2. Ice Luge

The Luge can be expensive, since you need a massive block of ice, but it’s worth it. Not only does the beer stay cold, but who doesn’t like seeing beer rush down at them from the top of an icy peak?

At least that’s what it’ll look like after you have 3 or 4 beers in the course of 30 minutes. Luges are super easy and require very little skill except for bending over and swallowing. Wait…

3. Shotgunning

Shotgunning is one of our favorites, but it can be a pain if students don’t know what they’re doing. Using a sharp object, poke a hole in the bottom part of the can. (We like to use a metal nail file as it allows you to make the hole whatever size you want.) DO NOT POKE THE UNDERSIDE. Just like where the barcode is or something.

Hold it horizontal as to not spill the beer – no wasting allowed. The only thing that’s supposed to be wasted is you. Simultaneously pull the can tab open and switch it vertical. Now chug…

4. Beer Bong

Ahhh, the beer bong. Not to be confused with an actual bong, the beer version is similar to a long funnel. A closed tube is attached to a funnel, which remains shut while your friend pours a full can of beer into the bong.

This is important: you should be on your knees or low to the ground, while a friend holds the bong up high to make the tube vertical.

Once it’s ready, let the floodgates open and drink a can of beer in about three gulps. Belch. Then you’re done.

5. Flip Cup

Flip cup is one of our favorite drinking games (beer pong is so over rated) as it’s a total tag-team/relay race sort of event. Everyone gets to play along, and everyone is drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

First things first. A toast! The first person on each team must drink a full beer out of their solo cup and then places the plastic glass upside down over the edge of the table. Then, they have to flip the cup onto its proper side.

Once one person is finished, the person next to them attempts to do the same thing and so on and so forth. The first team to have everyone finish their drinks and flip the cup on its right side wins!

6. Beer Pong

College Candy describes beer pong best: “I got an idea. Let’s take a dirty ball and throw it into beer, then drink the dirty beer. But don’t worry, we’ll wash the ball off in dirty water!”

7. Shoot the Boot

Equally disgusting is Shoot the Boot, which requires a person (usually an idiotic frat boy) to drink a can of beer out of a shoe. Like…seriously? Whoever dreamt up this game is a moron. And also unsanitary.

8. Beer Hat

The beer hat, while great for carrying around two cups of the stuff, is not as practical as it might look. It can easily get knocked over and the person wearing it can easily take out an eye or two.

But really…who can resist such a goofy looking contraption? And the straw! Oh, the straw.

9. Keg Stand

Finally, there’s the big kahuna. In a keg stand, there is no measuring of intake…just constant chugging. This is really fun actually. It’s a team effort even though only one person is doing the drinking. A team of four is required: the drinker, two holders (one for each leg) and the pumper/mouthpiece holder.

We have to admit, the keg stand is pretty awesome. What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.