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Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Nassau, Bahamas for Spring Break 2016

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ONS_9756-017326-edited.jpgIf you have already booked your Spring Break 2016 trip, good for you!  You know what you are doing and we applaud your efforts.  If you haven’t booked your Spring Break 2016 trip, you are what we call a procrastinator.  You wait until the last minute to plan everything, you hate commitments, and can never be bothered to be tied down to a schedule; but that is okay!  We understand your ways, and lucky for you we still have a couple options.

Nassau, Bahamas is one of those options.  This tropical destination will give you everything you need to have a Spring Break that you [may or may not] remember for the rest of your life. Why choose Nassau you ask?  We’re here to tell you.

1. Gorgeous Beachfront Resort

Our headquarters hotel for Nassau Spring Break is the Superclubs Breezes.  This all-inclusive beachfront property boasts a large pool, a beautiful stretch of white sand beach, numerous bars and several dining options.  We know you want to party during the day, and of course that will happen at Superclubs Breezes, but be sure to check out the other activities the resort has to offer.  Climb up their outdoor rock wall, fly through the air on the trapeze, play some volleyball or tennis, or check out all of their non-motorized water sports!

2. Daily Pool & Beach Parties

Every day at Superclubs Breezes, we throw the best day parties on the island.  Party by the pool or on the beach with our DJs, contests, and much more! This all-inclusive resort will also be completely taken over by StudentCity the week of March 5th.  That’s right … We have the every single room that Superclubs Breezes has to offer dedicated solely to our Spring Breakers.


3. Free Cover & Open Bar Events

When you are in Nassau for Spring Break 2016, traveling with StudentCity is the ultimate #squadgoals.  We are the only company able to offer open bar events on the entire island of Nassau.  If you’re looking for a good time, look no further; we’ve got you covered with our exclusive party packages.

4. Private Island Day Parties at Sandy Toes

Partying on the luxurious Bahamian beaches is a dream.  Now imagine those luxurious beaches on a PRIVATE ISLAND!  On you Nassau Spring Break, you will have the opportunity to go to Sandy Toes, a private island, for a day full of music, food, snorkeling, and of course open bar.  Sandy Toes is unlike anything you have ever seen and you need to experience it to get the full Nassau Spring Break experience.

5. StudentCity Staff Available 24/7

For some of you, Spring Break 2016 will be the first time you have left the country.  Rest assured that StudentCity staff will be available 24-hours a day at our headquarters hotel and at all StudentCity events to answer any questions you have, direct you to the best parties, and ensure that your Nassau Spring Break is nothing short of extraordinary.

Does Nassau sound like the place for you for Spring Break 2016?  Don’t wait until it is sold out, get more info and start planning your trip today!  Click here or on the button below to request info on the best week of your life!

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