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Top 5 Drinking games to make your party not suck

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So you and your (over 21) roommates have decided to host your first party. You’ve got a keg of Natty Lite, a bottle of Grey Goose chilling in the freezer and that (also over 21) girl from your physics lecture says she’s bringing Jello shots. Everything’s all set, right? Wrong! The problem about hosting a party is knowing what to do with that first group of people that show up. They’re usually not your close friends and it’s too awkward to dance with only four people, so what do you do? Drinking games.

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Drinking games are the best way to kill time and build an atmosphere at your party, and here are a few of the best that will help you get things started and get a good buzz going by the time the real party begins.

1. Beer Pong

The Olympic sport of drinking games. All you need is a ping pong ball, a ton of plastic cups and a keg, and you’ve got the ultimate combination of sporting skill and stomach strength. Sink a ball and your opponent has to chug the beer, it’s as simple as that. You can’t block the shot except on the second bounce, and each team only gets one re-rack per game.

Pro tip: Fill the cups only halfway to make chugging easier and preserve the beer supply, and have a cup of water on hand to clean the ball after each toss.

2. Kings

Also known as Circle of Death(COD), Ring of Fire and about a million other names, COD requires just a cup, a deck of cards and some creativity. Spread the deck of cards around a single cup and have players choose from the deck at random. Each card has a different rule decided on by the house that can vary from “Take a drink and go again (Ace),” “Nine Nine Bust a Rhyme (Nine)” and the ever obnoxious “Questions (Queen).”

The only constant rule is that when a player draws a king, they must pour as much (or as little) of their beer into the center cup. The person who draws the fourth king must then chug whatever combination of alcohol the game has produced, ending the game.

Pro tip: Write the rules down and keep them visible so people don’t start fighting about four being floors or girls drink or whatever.

3. ‘F’ the Dealer

It’s got a different name, but we assume you can figure that part out for yourself. ‘F’ the dealer is another card-based game that begins with a player holding the deck and asking the person to their left what the top card in the deck is. If the guess is wrong, the dealer then says higher or lower and the player guesses again. If the second guess is wrong than the guesser must drink the difference between the card they guessed and the card they drew. If the guess is correct, than the dealer drinks the card amount and it’s on to the next player. After three rounds without a correct guess, the dealer passes the deck to the person to their left and the game begins again.

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to guess high or low numbers, it could potentially make the second guess easier, and even if you’re wrong the point of the game is to get drunk, right?

4. The Dude game

There are a couple of variations of this one, but for ours all you need are some drinks and a copy of the film “The Big Lebowski.” Fans of the movie see where this is going. You watch the movie as a group and drink whenever someone says the word “dude.” While that may not seem like a lot at first, most of the crowd should be pretty wrecked by the time the Nihilists show up.

Pro tip: We don’t recommend it, but daring gamers can try and take a drink whenever someone drops the ‘F’ Bomb in the film. With roughly 260 uses in only 117 minutes (an average of 2.22 uses per minute), that’s a tall order for most of us.

5. Flip Cup

Another game where all you need is cups, beer and friends. Fans of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” will already know the rules, but for the uninitiated, create two teams of equal size and give each player half a beer. When the game starts the team members at the end of the table must chug their beer, set the cup on its top and use their fingers to flip the cup right-side up. What follows is a relay race where each member of the team must finish and flip their cup. The first team to finish wins.

Pro tip: Be prepared to wash that table tomorrow, because that thing will be sticky as hell before the party’s over.