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Top 5 Curious Creatures At the Gym

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With beach season fast approaching I’m sure many of you have been putting in some time at the gym. And if you’re new the workout world, you need to know what to look out for. No, this isn’t a workout plan or a supplement ad or a clean-eating guide. No, no, this is far more important. The following is a list of people that you WILL encounter at some point in gyms all across the country. It includes information on how to proceed should you find yourself face to face with one of these interesting specimen, and tells you which ones to avoid and which ones are harmless. And if you aren’t new to working-out, maybe you’ve had your own experiences with one of them that you’d like to share. Or, just maybe, YOU’RE ONE OF THEM!

The Old Man

Every gym in America is home to at least one of these fascinating creatures. Short shorts, yoga pants, rolled up sweat pants…we love ‘em all. You can usually find The Hot Chick doing cardio or working out their lower body (to which we all stand and thank you for.) Approach this magnificent animal at will, but be cautious. A bad conversation or a turned down advance could mean months of awkward pass-bys and brutal mirror eye-contact.

While this guide should certainly help you in your gym travels, it is by no means a complete list. Do you know of any other whackos of the weightroom that need to be added? Or had any experiences with the ones I mentioned? Let us know in the comment section!