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Students protecting themselves from the sun by using SPF

Top 13 Safety Tips to Stay Safe from the Sun!

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As always, our #1 concern is for our travelers matter what…and no. Not just while they are on Spring Break. We care while they are traveling the world, skiing, or on summer vacay. We care.

Check out StudentCity’s tips on how to stay properly protected from the one thing we can’t get enough of, the SUN! I mean just listen to Emma Watson, the #1 beauty tip is, sunscreen.
Who doesn’t love killing 2 birds with one stone?! Being protected and staying beautiful…sign me up!

  • Always use at least SPF 15, and preferably SPF 30. Anything below is useless.


  • Food is not the only that that has an expiration date! Unless otherwise stated on the bottle, never use sunscreen that is more than 2 or 3 years old.


  • Use sunscreen with SPF even when it’s cloudy! Though you might think otherwise, 80% of dangerous sun rays can pass through clouds. Your wrinkle free face will thank you in the future.


  • It takes 15-30 minutes for sunscreen to become effective. Apply it before you get to the beach to ensure maximum protection!


  • applying that sunscreen Both UVA and UVB rays are dangerous! UVA rays can cause premature aging, cataracts, and age spots. UVB rays cause burning and skin irritation. In order to protect yourself from both, use a broad spectrum sunscreen.


  • Use about a shot glass worth of sunscreen on your entire body with each application.


  • Those little areas are just as important! don’t forget to get the top of your ears, feet, even the bottom of your feet is important.


  • Don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours, as sunscreen wears off with sweat and water! Even if your sunscreen is water-resistant, it must be reapplied after 80 minutes in the ocean.


  • Without sunscreen, your skin will start to burn after just 15 minutes of sun exposure.


  • Limit your time in the sun, especially from 10AM-4PM, when the sun is strongest. Getting burnt does not make you tan more easily or more quickly.


  • Remember, you will still get color if you use sunscreen! And, at the same time you will lower your risk of sun damage and melanoma. Take your pick!


  • Have you ever got sunburn on your scalp? That shit’s not fun. Since you can’t apply sunscreen to your head (unless you’re bald) a hat is a way to look stylish and you’ll stay protected.


  • Throwing on sunnies for protection Always wear sunglasses. The sun seriously can damage your eye cells, causing problems in the future (cataracts, clouding of the eyes, retina surgery). You don’t want that

Although you may only think these apply to summer, sun safety on Spring Break is very important.  The sun in your tropical destination will be even hotter than at home and chances are you have not been laying out prior to embarking on the best week of your life.

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Source: Northshore University Health System