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15 Tips for a Rookie Spring Breaker

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If this spring will be your first encounter with the craziness that is Spring Break, you are what we like to call a rookie Spring Breaker. As you may or may not already know, we have been running the Spring Break industry since likely before you were born; 1987 to be exact. That being said, we would like to let you in on a few secrets from the true Spring Break veterans.

  1. Don’t go so hard on your first night that you miss the day party the next morning. Spring Break is a marathon, not a sprint.giphy_17.gif
  2. Do us all a favor and use sunscreen. You definitely don’t want to be rocking a sunburn all week.giphy_18.gif
  3. Drinking water is not lame. You’re friends may rag on you at the club, but when you’re the only one who is not hungover the next day they’ll be wishing they did the same thing.giphy_19.gif
  4. Let your parents know you are okay. Any form of communication will let them sleep better at night knowing you are perfectly safe having the time of your life.giphy_20.gif
  5. Download the Beam app if you are in PCB, South Padre, or Nassau. This free app allows you to send your location to your friends so you can all keep track of each other.tumblr_mm3f3noxMk1rcy99do1_500.gif
  6. Take TONS of photos; if you don’t did you even go on Spring Break?giphy_21.gif
  7. Don’t be afraid to make a fool out of yourself. You suck at dancing? Who cares! Dance your little heart out knowing that no one will remember your sub-par dance moves.giphy_22.gif
  8. If you are going to an international destination, make a copy of your passport and leave the real thing in your safe. Getting stuck in a foreign country with no way to get back into the U.S. is never a fun time.6OmkIjS.gif
  9. Speaking of passports, check the expiration date on yours. If your passport is going to expire before your trip, be sure to renew it with plenty of time to spare.giphy_23.gif
  10. Phones and pool or beach parties never have and never will make good friends.taylor-swift-blank-space-music-video-cell-phone.gif
  11. Whether they’re on the trip with you or not, your ex doesn’t care that your on Spring Break and you miss them. Do not drunk text them.Drunk-text-an-ex-761728-edited.jpg
  12. Stay out until the sun comes up at least one night of your trip. If you have a long flight/drive home, make it happen the last night of your trip.tumblr_m7kn59BNT71qiyfpbo1_500.gif
  13. Beer hangovers >>>> liquor hangovers. But if we’re being honest, they all suck.635899643427906643-188583724_giphy.gif
  14. No one wants a little screaming surprise accompanying them when the holidays roll around. Do the math …. and please use protection.giphy_24.gif
  15. Book next years trip as soon as you get back – you’ll get the best price, the most package upgrades, and basically feel like royalty.tumblr_mctvwzGmGH1r6ubhwo1_500.gif