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Summertime survival kits are a necessity

Summer Survival Kit

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With the Summer quickly approaching, and with today being a beautiful 80 degree day in Boston, we’d like to share with you a list of things that everyone should have in their car, or at least handy, for the summer months. You never know what circumstance or situation you will find yourself in during the summer, and no one wants to be that loser whose friends decide to take an impromptu trip to the beach or someones pool, and you don’t have a bathing suit. So, listen up…

The Top 6 Items to Keep in Your Car for Summer:

1) Bathing suit – while skinny dipping, chunky dunking, and the like are all possible solutions, not everyone wants to see that. Keep it PG-13 and wear a bathing suit this summer – at least during the hours of daylight.

2) SPF – It takes way less time and aggravation to simply put on some sunscreen than it does to deal with a sun burn. Keep some SPF in your car or bag for the summer and you’ll never have to use the excuse that you have third degree sun burn blisters because you didn’t have any sunscreen.

3) Sporting goods – wiffle ball bat, wiffle balls, football, etc. First of all, everyone wants to be the hero who actually has these items in a time of need. Second of all, there are so many instances in which these things can and need to be used – beach, pool, backyard, park, parking lot, lunch break, and the list goes on.

4) Cooler – even a small cooler will suffice for the purpose of keeping a few things cold.

5) Beach towel – you never know when this could come in handy. Maybe you unexpectedly end up at the beach or park and need something to lay out on, perhaps you took an unplanned jump, fall, or push into a pool, or you decide to spend the night sleeping on the beach. A towel is such a simple, yet key item to keep handy for all sorts of purposes.

6) Sweatshirt – it’s summer and you’re likely spending very little time at home, and once you leave your house at 10am to go to the beach, there’s a good chance you aren’t returning for nearly 24 hours. You may end up needing a sweatshirt once the sun goes down and you’re sitting by a fire with all of your buddies.

Now, this list may seem rather lame, anticlimactic, and all of those negative words; however, thank us later. I guarantee that once you’re stuck at someone’s pool without a bathing suit, or freezing your ass off without a sweatshirt, you will think back to this blog and wish you had listened to your friends at StudentCity. We’re always looking our for you guys – so take our word for it and go gather all of these items for your Summer Survival Kit.

Bonus Items:
Sunglasses, but if you’re leaving your house on almost any day during any given season, you may be a lost cause.
Bug repellent, for the over-achieving and super-prepared.
Toothbrush, if you plan to go on a Summer hiatus and live out of your car.
Camera, preferably waterproof – or join the 21st century and use your phone.

What’s in your Summer Survival Kit?