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Facebook clogup

Some people SUCK at Facebook

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We all have that select group of people we are friends with on Facebook who seem to be really good at SUCKING at Facebook. These people clog your newsfeed, notifications, and inbox with updates on just about anything and everything that is allowable on Facebook.

First there is the gamer. He is constantly playing games and either providing updates on his newest high score in Family Feud, or inviting you to play Farmville with him. If I wanted to play any of these games, I would do so on my own terms. I don’t need your guidance and insistance on my participation. Any desire I had to play Facebook games has now vanished because you’re annoying. Similarly, the quiz taker needs to knock it off as well. I don’t care which castmate of The Jersey Shore you are.

Next, there’s the friend who invites anyone and everyone to EVERYTHING! We haven’t actually spoken in person since 2nd grade so I probably won’t be attending your tupperware party. Up there in rankings is your friend who requests that you like every page possible. Listen, I’ve got just as much Bieber Fever as the next girl, but I don’t need you to request that I like him on Facebook…I’m taking my Bieber Fever to the grave.

Close up there with the most annoying of Facebookers are those who share everything about their lives, and those who passive-aggressively attack others without mentioning any names or actual situations; the good old, “SOME people are so inconsiderate sometimes! Just remember, bro, Karma’s a bitch, just make sure that bitch is beautiful.”

Perhaps above all of these, my favorite is the friend who insists that they post pictures of their unborn child all over their wall, and God forbid, their profile picture. No one wants to see your fetus.