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A StudentCity Social Experiment

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It all started with an ice cream cake, and ended with court side seats at the Celtics game.

Yesterday, three of us took a quick afternoon trip to the grocery store for some ice cream. Before we left, a fellow StudentCity employee, Pat, requested that we get him something good. At this point we were like, yeah whatever, screw you – get it yourself. Once we got to the store, our attitudes changed and we decided to get Pat an ice cream cake, complete with a personalized inscription, “To Pat, From IT.”

Upon bringing this cake back for Pat, he took a photo of it and uploaded it to Facebook. People around the office were wondering why we bought this cake for him, and we told them it was for no reason besides that we were bored and thought it would be funny – which was the case.

The Facebook world, however, immediately began wishing Pat a Happy Birthday – probably because he made the picture of the personalized cake his cover photo. Instead of negating these peoples’ well wishes, Pat decided to embrace them, which then gave us an idea…

How far could this small gesture be taken? We would soon find out.

Pat had recently moved in with a new roommate, who apparently doesn’t know when his birthday is. This said roommate also had court side seats to the Celtics game last night, but he was unfortunately taking some chick. Soon enough, good ole roomie noticed that it was Pat’s birthday…to which he responded with, “Hey man, it’s your birthday? I told that girl to take a hike ’cause I am taking my boy to the game for his bday.”

This was the best (and only) fake birthday that Pat has ever had, but talk about knowing who your real friends are – not knowing well enough that it is not your birthday.

At the end of the day, the simple idea to personalize a cake for Pat, got him multiple Happy Birthday wishes, court side tickets to the Celtics game, phone calls from his FAMILY wishing him a Happy Birthday, among whatever else he got himself into last night. He had an excellent interlude to his 30th birthday.

Have you guys ever pulled a stunt for the sole purpose of it being a social experiment, to see how far it can be reasonably (or unreasonably) taken?

Have we mentioned that Pat’s Facebook clearly states that his birthday is July 20th?