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StudentCity Loves Acapulco

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Just a couple weeks ago some of the StudentCity crew went on a FAM Trip to one of our favorite Spring Break spots of all time, Acapulco. Just so that there is no confusion, this place has still got it! We sat down with one of our Regional Sales Managers who went on the trip, and here’s what Nick tells us about his very first Acapulco experience…

Acapulco in 5 words or less…

Beautiful. Friendly. Exciting. RIDICULOUS NIGHTLIFE!

First Impressions.

Before going to Acapulco, Nick had heard that the clubs were absolutely insane and that it was the best Spring Break destination anyone had ever been to. Boy oh boy did this place deliver! Nick came back raving about the clubs. Someplace that he says you HAVE to go to if you go to Acapulco is Palladium.

It’s the best club I’ve ever been to. They literally shoot fireworks off every night at 4am and it rains sparklers down the side of the building, which is looking over a cliff.”

Looks like we’re heading straight to Palladium on our next trip to Acapulco!

Favorite thing about Acapulco.

Nick’s favorite thing about Acapulco were the people.

“Honestly, the people there are amazing. Everyone was so welcoming, making it an awesome experience. The level of respect and consideration they have for StudentCity and the travelers there makes it that much more fun. They really want us there!”

What Nick misses most about Acapulco.

Hanging out at the villas all day and getting hooked up. UNDERSTANDABLE!

“Staying at a villa for Spring Break would make the experience the trip of a lifetime!”

The views are incredible and the ocean is perfect for some great body surfing in the waves, which we don’t get a lot of here in New England. Nothing like a day of laying out on the beaches of Acapulco and relaxing.

When in Acapulco, you HAVE to…

Go bungee jumping! Nick didn’t get the change to do it on this past trip, but that’s exactly where you’ll find him on our next FAM Trip to Acapulco; swinging from his ankles surrounded by the gorgeous tropical landscape and vegetation of Mexico. The perfect view!

Would Nick go back to Acapulco?

In a heartbeat.