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StudentCity is KRUUE Approved!

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Here at StudentCity we are always looking for ways to evolve and enhance our brand and services. This process all starts with YOU, the spring breakers. Staying connected with our travelers is what it’s all about, so we can hone in on what it is you really want from your StudentCity experience. With all of this said, we are proud and excited to announce our new partnership with KRUUE!

What is KRUUE?

KRUUE is the OFFICIAL college endorsement label; a revolutionary viral marketing campaign that drives the most influential students on campus to use their personal network to support local businesses within college markets. KRUUE serves as the voice of college campuses across the country.

Through a group of highly influential, elite opinion leaders, KRUUE connects students to top brands, driving loyalty between KRUUE members and local industry leaders; it’s a win for everyone! KRUUE members are the most influential, powerful, and talented students on campus who have been hand selected by their peers. KRUUE partners with only the very best in each local industry which provides KRUUE members with elite value in all of their partnerships.

StudentCity is KRUUE Approved!

Once the KRUUE is fully selected, the members then vote on what local business they would like to endorse and make “KRUUE Approved.” The KRUUE exists to support the college experience and recognizes the lifestyles of college students. As the industry leader for Spring Break and student leisure travel, we are honored to be KRUUE Approved!

What does our partnership with KRUUE mean?

Together, StudentCity and KRUUE will create loyalty at various campuses that have a student body that is enthusiastic about Spring Break and youth travel. In turn, this will add value to our programs and promotions, enabling us to offer better, more exciting deals for student travelers.

It’s all about YOU!

With our new partnership with KRUUE, you can expect all sorts of benefits to pop up around your campus.

  • Look for exclusive Spring Break specials, free trip giveaways, trip and Party Package discounts, free Party Packages, and more!
  • Get ready for exclusive events on your campus hosted by KRUUE and StudentCity.

Do you want KRUUE at your school? Apply now!


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