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StudentCity at CollegeFest 2016

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The city of Boston has so much to offer its 250,000+ college students. From the many delicious restaurants, to the interactive bars, raging clubs and surplus of entertainment and activities, the heart of the city is filled with endless opportunities. The annual back-to-school event, CollegeFest, is the perfect way to see all the city has to offer their college students and help students get involved!

About CollegeFest:

CollegeFest is an annual event that takes place at historic Fenway Park. Over 80 vendors set up booths from all around the Boston area, typically in middle/late September, to promote their companies to eager college students. A few of the companies at the event, along with StudentCity, included Monster Energy, Blue Man Group, Uber, New York Times, iHeartRadio, Big Sister Association, and more!

Why go to College Fest?

  • Job/internship opportunities in many fields.
  • Learn about different companies, what they offer, and how you can get involved. Every student will find something they are interested in at CollegeFest!
  • Great for freshman who are looking for ways to interact and make friends (go with your roommates/classmates/ people on your floor)!
  • Try free foods from local restaurants.
  • Get free stuff from the booths (who doesn’t LOVE free stuff)??
  • To get involved with the city!

How to tackle it:

  • Get lots of rest and wear comfortable shoes because you will do a lot of walking!
  • Go with friends! If your inner circle is big, split up so it is easier to walk around because it is crowded.
  • Start at one end and work your way around to be sure you don’t miss anything.
  • Don’t be shy. Explore all the event has to offer, if you think you may not be interested in something check it out anyways, you never know!

StudentCity at CollegeFest:

This year was a big hit for the StudentCity booth! The main focus was explaining the company, getting students excited for Spring Break 2017 and our Mont Tremblant Ski trip held in January. StudentCity uses CollegeFest as a way to share information and interact with excited college students. We strive to give the students a positive impression of our company while showcasing all that we have to offer in our many trips for college students and young adults.

In addition to the free swag, our booth gave the students a chance to enter a raffle to win a $250 off voucher for a 2017 Spring Break trip. Be sure to visit the StudentCity booth next year so you don’t miss out on fun, free swag, and more; we look forward to seeing you!