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Social Media Rules

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Below are some rules that all students who have social media should follow. Do not make the mistake of falling into these traps… we’ve got your back.
  • Block your parents, family, professors, bosses, and coworkers from seeing your photos. Nothing says “I’m a responsible adult” quite like a photo of you funneling a beer or getting a champagne shower, big and bright on everyone’s news feed. Aunt Judy will be appalled. Mom and Dad won’t be proud.
  • Use caution when uploading photos, statuses, and tweets while intoxicated. Chances are, you don’t look cute, nor do you make sense. Save it for some sober eyes in the morning to decide if you want the internet knowing you were in such a stupor.
  • Post your wild and crazy photos on the StudentCity Facebook page so we can see what you were up to on Spring Break. Our page is a judgement-free zone! Maybe we’ll even feature one of your photos for all of our Facebook friends to see!
  • Put your phone down every once in a while. We know you want to show off all the fun you are having on Spring Break, but your photos aren’t going anywhere. Save them to post while you are hungover in the morning, or once you return to your hotel from the pool or beach.
  • TAG US! For whatever photos, statuses, tweets, and instagrams you decide are appropriate to post, don’t forget to tag us in everything so we can see what you’ve been getting into!

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