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Spring Break Packing List

Posted by StudentCity Admin on Feb 22, 2014 9:23:53 AM

It's almost time for Spring Break, and so begins the question of 'what should I pack?' Check out our Spring Break Packing List and you're sure to be prepared for the beach!

Spring Break Packing List:

  1. Sunscreen - you'll save a lot of money by buying this beforehand instead of while you're on Spring Break
  2. Cheap flip flops - don't bring any of your designer clothing to the beach
  3. Cheap sunglasses - same goes for sunglasses; if you're doing Spring Break right, you will lose them or break them
  4. Multiple bathing suits - nothing worse than putting on a wet bathing suit from the day before that you left in a ball on the floor
  5. Outfits for the clubs and beach bars - one per night with a couple of extra options
  6. Cash - take a little out with you at a time and leave the rest locked in the safe in your room
  7. Waterproof camera - if you want to take pics to remember your Spring Break trip forever, we recommend getting one that is drunk proof
  8. Advil - trust us, you'll need it
  9. Toiletries - if you're only packing a carry-on, your toiletries must all be in bottles that are 3 oz or smaller, and fit inside a quart-sized zip lock bag
  10. Girls, bring a cross body bag for going out at night - don't bother messing with a clutch or wristlet; they're a hassle

Now it's time to get to packing! We can't wait to see you so soon. Please call our office at 888-777-4642 if you have any additional questions or concerns before traveling, or email us at customerservice@studentcity.com

Spring Break Packing List