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Spring Break Overview

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Instagram accounts, but just to recap; it has been WILD! Bear with me while I collect my thoughts and let you guys in on what’s been going on during Spring Break 2013. If you’ve never been on Spring Break but are deciding if you are going to join us in 2014, or if you want to relive this year’s madness, listen up!!

Here’s how it went this year for StudentCity spring breakers…

The day finally arrived when it was time to flee the coupe of either mom & dad’s house or the crappy campus dorms, and the next stop was PARADISE. Hopefully you rested up the days leading up to this, because your hours of sleep have just become few and far between for the next 5-7 days. You’ve arrived at your destination, and the only thing standing between you and the party is StudentCity orientation. No worries, it’s short and sweet (but very important), and you’ll even get in a few laughs. This is when you are briefed on everything you need to know about your trip; where the parties are, when to take advantage of free drinking hours, where to eat, how to get to clubs and restaurants, and most importantly…this is when you get your party packages!!

Now, you’ve gone through orientation and it’s time to check in to your hotel. This can take some time, but please understand that these hotels are going through hundreds (maybe even thousands) of turnovers each day during Spring Break. Not to worry, we promise the bar is your next stop! Once you’ve gotten to your room and dropped off your luggage, grab your bathing suit and get down to the pool/beach; the party is already waiting for you. Spring Break has officially begun.

For the next 5-7 days, get ready to cannonball into the pool, lay out on the beach, have some drinks, check out an excursion or two, participate in contests with our very own StudentCity MCs, and dance until your tanned legs are about to fall off. You can’t miss these day parties, filled with barely-clothed coeds from across the globe. This is the time for laying the groundwork with your new best friends for the week. Expect to see StudentCity staff members walking around in their red shirts, ready to answer any questions you may have and deal with any concerns.

For the next 5-7 nights, you’re raging at the sickest bars and clubs with thousands of spring breakers, and everyone is there with the same intention; to have the best time of their life! Spring Break is all about dancing the night away, into the wee hours of the morning. These clubs don’t close, and when they do, there’s always something else going on right around the corner. Once again, you’ll be seeing StudentCity staff inside and outside the clubs, and pointing you in the right direction to get back to your hotel, which probably won’t be until around 5 or 6am. This is when you grab a couple hours of sleep and get ready to do it all again! Who’s ready for Spring Break 2014!? We can’t get enough…

Stick around in the coming weeks for more spring break stories, and photo & video uploads as we gather ourselves and recuperate after what has by far been the craziest spring break season we’ve seen in a long time, thanks to all of our amazing travelers!