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Spring Break in the Bahamas…oh my!

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The BahamasStudents who still haven’t figured out what they’re doing for spring break should consider a trip to the Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale via party boat.

The five-hour trek across the warm Atlantic waters kicks off spring break with a bang thanks to an open bar between Fort Lauderdale and Freeport. Students can grab a bite to eat at the buffet, too. No one wants to start off their vacation on an empty stomach.

After some food and beverage, visit the Las Vegas-themed casino to try a round of blackjack or or hit even hit the slots.

Once in Freeport, students can experience a spring break that’s a bit more intimate than other destinations. For example, many of the restaurants turn into nightclubs later in the evening. Who knows? By the end of the week, the bartender might know your favorite drink or that cute waiter could end up being more than just the person who takes your order at the dinner table.

Special parties throughout the four days in the Bahamas include Heaven & Hell and Mardis Gras themed events. Don’t forget to pack those cute outfits that show off your naughty side!

During the day, it’s the “fabulous beaches, unspoiled beauty and warm waters” that make Freeport so amazing to visit, according to Frommer’s travel guides. Whether it’s a trip to a Rum Runner or a lazy day on the sand, there’s something for everyone’s holiday style.

Students can do things besides tanning or sightseeing. Try something new like swimming with dolphins or deep sea fishing. Parasailing is also an exciting activity that allows students to soar high over the waters.

In addition, the classic banana boat ride is a must… it’s just not the Caribbean without wiping out on those inflatable shafts.

Of course, you could just party all day. It is spring break, after all. Win prizes in competitions such as beer pong or tug-of-war. Beach Olympics allow the studs to show off their manliness while the girls prove that beauty has nothing to do with strength. And who can forget the bikini contest?

On the way home, enjoy another party cruise… the last hurrah before that flight home, which we dub the “hangover express.” But it’s ok, that’s what those white barf bags are for. Or you can just order a vodka tonic to keep the buzz going all the way home.