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Spring Break Cancun Experience

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The best weeks of my life
After spending nearly 5 weeks down in Cancun, it’s safe to say I have seen it all. I went to countless day parties, nearly every night event, met many of the world’s top DJs, hung out with my favorite VIPs from UDel, UNH, and Pitt, and somehow made it back to Boston after a sleepless night, up until 8am, when I headed to the airport – and was urged by security to grab a coffee before getting on the plane.

You want day parties? Cancun has day parties…
Believe me when I tell you, Cancun is the ULTIMATE Spring Break experience. The day parties at the Oasis, hosted by Carlos, Steve, and DJ Daily, are absolutely insane. The music is on point, contests are wild and hilarious, and the drinks are always flowing; courtesy of my favorite bartender, Jose. On top of all of this, the Oasis property itself is a complete tropical paradise.


Don’t be a hero…take a nap.
After a full day of partying, dancing, and tanning, it’s time for a nap – trust me. For the first two or three days you’re feeling like a Spring Break warrior, not needing any naps and powering through the days and nights. Sooner (not at all later), you’re feeling like a Spring Break asshole, and have given in to the idea of taking an evening nap. Quit battling your FOMO. Between the hours of 6-9pm, you’re not missing anything.


Time to get back in the saddle…
Around 9pm everyone is starting to get back up, grab dinner, shower, and get the party going again. By 11:00 you’re heading to The City, Mandala Beach, Palazzo, or Dady’O with your Platinum Party Pass stub, to see a world-class DJ (this is why you need that nap). The clubs in Cancun do not close. I’ve been home for almost four days and my body clock is still all thrown off from staying out til 6 or 7am most mornings. Heather in Cancun is still in rare form, as I’m sure many of our travelers are. Imagine doing what you did for 5-7 days…for 32 days, and still not wanting to leave. I don’t even know how I have the luxury of still having a pulse at this point, but I’d go back right now if I could.

Go to Cancun!

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