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Social Media is causing mystery illness

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Huff Post- The search for answers continues in the LeRoy High School mystery illness case, and one expert’s new hypothesis proposes that symptoms may be spreading through social media…University at Buffalo neurology professor Dr. David Lichter suggests that the spread of the symptoms may be caused by students unconsciously mimicking symptoms that they’ve seen in videos uploaded onto social media sites, WKBW News reports.

What in the WHAT? This is just so bizarre to me. Clearly there are no answers because these girls are full of it. Taking all sensitivity aside, this story seems like a modern-day rendition of The Crucible, except these girls are the witches. These little teeny boppers are looking for their 5 minutes of fame.

Let’s be honest, it’s genius. Networks like MTV, TLC, A&E, and Lifetime eat this up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I feel like I have already seen this episode of “True Life: Social Media Gave Me Tourette’s,” and I’m pretty sure the Lifetime movie is already being contracted and casted. They’re trying to get Kristen Stewart and Hayden Panettiere to star as these two broads.

In the highly unlikely event that this is for real, and social media could be causing these atrocious symptoms, wouldn’t many more people suffer from this? What are the chances that it would be 12 girls from one school? This is clearly a case of I want my own reality TV show.

Why didn’t I think of this? —What are your thoughts?