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StudentCity Scavenger Hunt – WIN A FREE TRIP!

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We have all grown up playing games such as “Where’s Waldo,” and hunting for Easter eggs, etc. So, for this contest we have decided to incorporate these same ideas. Somewhere on our website, we have dropped what we are calling an “Easter Egg,” and now you’re responsible for finding it! We hope you’re ready for some digging…

Here’s what you have to do:
– Somewhere within our entire website we have hidden the words “Acapulco Nights.”
– You must find this phrase, click on it, and fill out the required fields.
– You will now be entered to win a free trip for two to Acapulco!

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, December 5th on our Facebook & Twitter accounts.

No page on our website is off limits. Acapulco Nights could be ANYWHERE!