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How to Save Money for Spring Break

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So Spring Break 2014 is a mere 5 months (or less) away, so we hop you’ve been saving your money to be able to afford your StudentCity trip and party package. Some of you may be shocked to learn that not everyone’s parents fund their week of debauchery in the sun and sand, but this is the truth. So, here we come to save the day yet again and share with you some of our little secrets on how to save money for spring break.

How To: Save Money for Spring Break

1) Stop going out for dinner with your friends! Stop wasting your money in pubs and restaurants, eating food that is probably horrible for your beach bod, and use your meal plan if you live on campus, or cook for yourself if you have an apartment off campus. If you live at home, we know your family is probably unbearable, but the only thing worse than spending those horrible 20 minutes eating with your family is spending spring break at your parent’s house while all of your friends are down in Cancun.

2) Bring lunch to work. If you’re working during the semester, grab something to go at the dining hall on your meal plan or bring protein bars to work. Once again, if you’re living at home, your parents probably go grocery shopping. Sneak a few things on their list or get off your lazy ass and go to the store yourself. Paying for lunch meats at the deli is a whole heck of a lot cheaper than spending $10-15 per day on lunch. Put that extra cash in your Spring Break ’14 piggy bank!

3) No more impromptu shopping sprees. Sorry ladies; we know you’d prefer the Tory Birch flip flops, but stop being pretentious. Old Navy 2/$5 flip flops are good enough for you. For the guys, pocket that $100 some-odd dollars instead of going out to buy those new Jordans or what have you. Last season’s J’s will suffice.

4) Leave your credit/debit card at home. Our 21+ friends, when you’re headed to the bar, just bring cash. Now you won’t even have the option to open a tab and buy everyone rounds. It may lessen your game with the ladies, boys, but what sounds better; going broke this semester and spending a week in March in your parent’s basement, or having that money to go on spring break, where you won’t have to buy drinks for anyone because you’ll all have open bar with your party package? The choice is yours – make the right one.

5) Budget! Factor in how much money you need each month for any bills, ball-park how much you spend on gas, etc., allot yourself for some recreation and entertainment, and then put the rest away!

6) Earn extra cash. If you’re reading this and you’re not either in class or sitting at a desk or at your job on your smartphone, what are you doing with your life? Go get a job. If you have a job, pick up extra hours whenever you can. We know you’re in college and you want to turn up, but tone down your glamorous expectations and go make some paper. Consider putting some of your belongings up on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, or have your own yard sale.

There you have it. The StudentCity way to save money for your Spring Break trip. How are you budgeting for the upcoming best week of your life?