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Puerto Vallarta Offers “PHENOMENAL” Spring Break in Mexico

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Puerto Vallarta, a Mexican city on Banderas Bay, is a picturesque city known to college students for being a unique spring break destination.

Formerly a “quaint” sea village, it is now considered modern and upbeat with nightclubs, restaurants and hotels catering to college students looking for a fun vacation and a break from lectures and mid-terms.

The Canopy Adventure Park mixes nature and excitement that may be hard to come by, offering a unique experience for college students seeking thrills.

Up in the mountainous jungle, visitors zip line high in the air through an ecosystem few people ever see filled with exotic plant life and animals.

Guest comments enforce this image as well. Belinda, who posts under the name “delicious”, said on one of tour promoter’s websites, “Zip lining is PHENOMENAL! right up there w/ sky diving!!” While sky diving may be sparse during spring break, Canopy Adventure Park could be a great substitute.

Trip Advisor lists it as #1 in their list of 134 attractions in Puerto Vallarta, cementing its status as a necessary experience for any spring break visitor.

In addition to exploring local culture, other activities available in Puerto Vallarta include diving, horseback riding and of course, tanning on the beach.