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The Pet Peeves of the StudentCity Team

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Pet peeves – we all have them; some are more extreme than others, many people share the same ones, some are complete nonsense but make sense to the person that they pertain to. Sometimes you just need to vent about your pet peeves, and we want to create a perfect place for that right here!

To begin, let’s share some pet peeves that StudentCity employees themselves have. This aught to get weird…

I, Heather, cannot stand the following:
– When girls are wearing a nice/cute outfit, but have bad hair. You’re a whole package, girlfriend – get yourself together. No one likes a good uniform but a bad helmet.
– When people are coming from a side street onto a main road and are looking to their right. If you are pulling out onto a street in this country, you should always be looking to the left first. We drive on the right side of the road, which consequently will result in you getting hit from the left first. The one case wherein you should be looking to the right upon pull-out is if it is a one way street in which traffic is only coming from your right.
– Poor spelling/ grammar
– The word ‘stroganoff’ – ew.

IT Department:
James can’t stand bad grammar, PDA, jealousy, and people who have money but are cheap. Get out of his face with your kissing and touching.
Chris could do without people who don’t hold the door for others, slow drivers, people who chew with their mouth open, and hangovers that won’t go away – kid can’t hang.

Youth Marketing:
As a whole, the ladies and gent over in the YMC department can’t stand people who cheat at beer pong, when someone takes too long when taking a right turn, “why should that take so long?” Jessi Soler asks.
Additionally, they cannot stand alarm clocks, when you are texting someone and then call them and they do not answer – “that whole situation in general,” displeases Joanna. Jessi also cannot stand when people complain about things that they can control, while if you are living with Becky, don’t you dare finish a box of cereal or what have you and then put it back. That will set her off.

Sales Department:
Our Regional Sales Managers here at StudentCity also have many pet peeves:

Bronne’s biggest pet peeves are when he is walking with someone and something obstructs their connection, causing them to “split the pole,” as it may be called. He also has no use for people who lack computer skills, and who don’t finish their food, as well as 90’s pop music.
To all the ladies out there, if you want a chance with TJ, please don’t call him “dude” or wear rain boots. This will ruin your chances right off the bat.
Brad’s pet peeves include shaving, showering, routines in general, and routine car maintenance. Don’t worry – he’s clean, just doesn’t enjoy the process that being clean involves.

Now that the StudentCity Team has vented about their pet peeves, it’s only fair that we let you guys do the same! What do you believe needs to be added to this list?