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No Pants Subway Ride

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What: No Pants Subway Ride

When: Sunday, January 13, 2013

Where: Boston MBTA transit system

Why: Because who doesn’t like riding the filthy Boston subway in the freezing cold dead of Winter without pants on?

I must say, I have mixed feelings on this whole “No Pants Subway Ride.” On the one hand, it is definitely a funny idea and a great way to lighten spirits, make people laugh, etc. On the other hand, it is somewhat disgusting.

Main Concerns:

1) Too many creeps. The world is full of them – especially riding the subway. I personally don’t know that I would want my cheeks out around strangers on a train. Similarly, I wouldn’t want creeps flashing me or others their cash and prizes for their own giggles. All set.

2) Disgustingly unsanitary. I don’t know anyone who wants to touch the handrails on a train, let alone let their nearly bare ass hit the seat or brush up against anything. Absolutely foul.

3) White legs. January 13th is the dead of Winter. Everyone’s legs are ghostly white and in many cases probably haven’t seen the gym in weeks. No one wants to see anyone’s untanned, out of shape legs. I am also disgusted by man thighs, so put those away.

Now, you may have noticed that the time in which this is taking place is TBD. I am assuming an event such as this would take place early on a Sunday morning, when there are few people riding the T, and when those participating are still drunk from Saturday night, in which case I would disregard all aforementioned concerns and join right in.

Disclaimer: I tried to find an attractive, decent-looking photo. There was nothing. Point #3: PROVEN.

What are your thoughts on this?