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Panama City Beach Spring Break | Diplo

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Each year StudentCity hosts the best day parties in the biggest Spring Break destination in the U.S.  This year Diplo killed it at Sharky’s Beach Bash in Panama City Beach and gave us a show we will never forget.

Diplo drew in hundreds of Spring Breakers who went crazy the whole time he was performing.  Granted, there is not much else in the world that is better than sun, sand, hundreds of your best friends, and Diplo performing at the biggest Spring Break destination in the U.S.

Don’t even bother lying to yourself trying to say the video from Spring Break 2015 doesn’t make you want to get in your car and go to PCB to relive the best week of your life.

Although it will be a couple months before Spring Break 2016 rolls around, be sure to start planning your trip TODAY!  Space is already running out and trust me when I say you do not want to be sitting on your couch when March rolls around.

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