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College Students: The One Night Stand

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We’ve all been there. There were probably a few too many adult beverages involved, and you’ve now landed in the bed of a stranger. You know you’re never going to see this person again, and whether you spend the night or skip on out of there immediately, there is one thing that is about to take place: The Walk of Shame. This is a rite of passage. Relish in it. Embrace your inner hot mess – it will keep you young. Before you embark on this sacred walk, you need to remember one thing and one thing only….

Get yourself together.
I don’t mean this in the physical sense, especially you, ladies. Your hair is going to be a rat’s nest, makeup will be smudged, and that little dress you wore to the club is bound to look disheveled no matter how hard you try. What I am getting at is making sure you have successfully gathered all of your belongings.

Your shit is everywhere.
In many cases, accessories have been thrown, maybe your clutch has somehow become open and items are strewn about. Guys, maybe your wallet has gone flying from your pocket; maybe the guy/girl you’re with is just a clepto. The point is, if you knowingly have important belongings with you, get yourself together. Speaking from personal experience, and having once gotten a little aggressive with the vodka sodas, and ended up getting back to my hotel room only to realize that my $300 watch had been left behind, you don’t want this to be you. I couldn’t tell you why I took my watch off. Maybe the vodka sodas have an idea about that – but I had to stalk the guy the next morning in the hotel lobby and look like a crazy to get it back. Unless you’re into that sort of thing, check for your valuables before you leave. Lesson learned.

Don’t make us tell you again…
Moral of the story, you’re already a sloppy mess and there’s no turning back. For the rest of your sanity, don’t leave anything important in the hands of a stranger who you are never going to see or hear from again.

Question for all college students: Has anything like this ever happened to you?