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Obama doesn’t think Delonte West would make a good house guest

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While the rest of his Dallas Maverick teammates are hanging out at the White House today and meeting President Obama, Delonte West will be in his hometown Washington DC, but will not be joining his teammates.

Why, you might ask? His ass is banned from the White House. Reportedly, White House security ran a routine background check on the NBA guard and determined that due to his high-profiled arrest back in 2009, Delonte is unfit to ever step foot into the President’s home.

Let’s be honest… Barrack just needs to admit that he doesn’t want Delonte around Michelle. Found in the fine print alongside “Delonte West is not allowed into the White House because of his highly publicized legal battles in 2009,” it clearly says Delonte West may be a threat to the well-being of Barrack and Michelle’s marriage, as West is known to have had relations with middle-aged mothers; namely Gloria James.

Obama’s no fool. Delonte is a lady killer with steez for days. The proof is in his herpe-like birthmark below his lip.