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No FOMO Here – StudentCity Hosts the Only Spring Break Events in Freeport, Bahamas!

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Freeport, Bahamas; you’re either with us, or you’re screwed.

StudentCity is the only option when you’re going to Freeport for Spring Break, as we throw the only parties on the island! Not only do we throw the only parties, but they’re also exclusive to StudentCity travelers. You’ve got to stay with us to play with us, so we’re trusting that you’ll make the right decision here.

StudentCity beach parties are hosted every day at Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach; StudentCity Headquarters Hotel in Freeport. DJs and MCs run the show every day, playing music all day long and hosting fun Spring Break contests  with awesome prizes to give out.

Book your stay at Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach now. Deposit only $50 per person!