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Amenity for travelers at Punta Cana Airport

New Punta Cana Airport Amenity

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Punta Cana International airport is building a new amenity

Airports are going to many different extremes to ensure their travelers have the best amenities for when they have extra long layovers. Some have movie theaters and free gaming stations, others have napping areas and prayer rooms, one even has a 40-foot slide! It has clearly come to a point in time where everyone, including airports, realize that waiting 6+ hours for a flight is not an ideal situation. Especially returning from vacation, the last thing you want to be doing is twiddling your thumbs sitting on your ass; knowing you’re headed back to reality where they only palm tree’s and ocean you’ll see are on Instagram and your desktop’s background.


Punta Cana New Amenity

Punta Cana International Airport is making sure you get every last bit of paradise before heading back to reality. They are in the works of building a brand new lounge with an outdoor pool for travelers to utilize. This pool is right in front of the terminals, meaning you get to watch flights take off right before your eye while taking your last dip in paradise.

However, the new amenity is VIP and obviously comes at a price. With all other lounges and VIP areas in airports you need to have special status to gain access. This amenity is specifically available to first class and business travelers, specific homeowners, club members, or anyone who wants to pay $125. They are expecting this to be finished and ready for use by December, 2017!

If my layover is more than 4 hours you bet you can catch me chilling by this pool when I’m returning home from Punta Cana.



Source: Thrillist Travel