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Nassau in the Bahamas makes for a great spring break vacation

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Palm trees and sandy beaches dominate the coastline in Nassau.Just off the coast of Florida lies an international paradise waiting for college students to arrive in style during spring break 2011.

Nassau, Bahamas, is one of the finest destinations for the party week given its nearby location to the States and plenty of “to-do’s.”

Of course, there’s plenty of places to simply relax and watch the hotties (or notties) walk by.

Clubs tend to have large-crowd capacities but with a more communal vibe than other big clubs found in major cities. One of the best parts about Nassau is the open-air bars, like Cocktails and Dreams, which offers dancing under the stars and no need to run outside to catch a breath from those indoor places that sometimes feel like a sauna.

Some places also offer all-you-can-drink deals so students on their spring break shouldn’t forget to bring cash to the door! Clubs like Senor Frogs are the quintessential places for debauchery thanks to things like bikini models and an endless supply of shot glasses.

Higher-end clubs offer more sophistication and value like martinis and a clean floor.

Girls looking for a nice outfit to go out for a night will find plenty on Bay Street with its boutiques filled with cute dresses and strappy sandals. Gladiator style is not ok, ladies. Run the opposite way when you see them! Stick with a fun sun dress and heels or flip-flops. The Bahamas is known for its laid-back and welcoming lifestyle so don’t be scared about going casual. Just be careful of the guys who think it’s funny to pull your top down.

Find unique crafts and gifts to take home (proving you did more than just party on their credit card to Mom and Dad) at Festival Place on Prince George Wharf. Island tours are sometimes arranged here as well, so slap on the sunscreen and have an adventure.

Guys who meet someone special during spring break might want to take their new friend to Fort Fincastle for a romantic view of Nassau. It’s the highest point on the island, rising 200 feet above sea level. Or be unique by taking them on an underwater date! Plenty of outfitters offer snorkeling and scuba excursions to nearby coral reefs, which are colorful and full of tropical fish.

Grab a bottle of rum and head to the Pirates of Nassau museum for a fun experience that displays the Bahamas’ most famous buccaneers and their stories. We don’t recommend actually bringing the bottle in, though.

Travelers who are more about trying the local culture can stop by Arawak Cay (pronounced “key”) to sample local foods such as conch and fish fry accompanied by a traditional beverage mixing coconut juice and gin.

Cable Beach, one of the city’s best, is a beautiful stretch of sand with crystal-clear waters. Named for the Trans-Atlantic cable that connected the Bahamas to America, it is now considered the “ultimate playground for fun in the sun,” according to Yahoo. Water sports and activities are found along the beach and there’s plenty of space for all the students who will descend upon the island.

Visitors to the Bahamas should know about the bare essentials too, just to ensure a smooth transition entering international territory. The biggest thing is to remember your passport!

U.S. currency is accepted (and interchangeable) with the Bahamian dollar, meaning travelers don’t have to worry about exchanging dollars and losing money from conversions.

The temperatures in March vary from 70-75 degrees on average, so college kids would be wise to pack a sweatshirt for when the night dips below into the 60s (blasphemy!).