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Nassau, Bahamas | Spring Break Party Packages

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Spring Break 2014 is right around the corner, which means you’re on your way to living it up at the most popular and exclusive events in Nassau, Bahamas. The StudentCity Party Package is your ticket to FREE COVER, EXPRESS ENTRY, and OPEN BAR at the hottest Nassau Spring Break parties, for StudentCity travelers only!

The GOLD Party Package ($200) hooks you up with OPEN BAR, EXPRESS ENTRY, and FREE COVER to 4 night events at 4 different clubs in Nassau.

The PLATINUM Party Package (only $60 more) hooks you up with everything in the Gold Party Package PLUS the week’s MAIN EVENT which is the private island party at Sandy Toes Island. For this event, a double decker party boat will cruise everyone over to a private island in the middle of the Caribbean where a massive beach party takes place, fully equipped with a DJ & MC, contests, snorkeling, all-you-can-eat lunch buffet and a Bahamian open bar!



To ADD the Party Package:

  1. Log in to your personal online account using your Customer ID & last name
  3. Scroll down to “AVAILABLE OPTIONS & EXTRAS”
  4. Choose your desired party package and click “ADD OPTIONS”
  5. Click the “MAKE A PAYMENT” tab to pay off your account balance any time before your trip
  6. You will receive an email 5-7 days prior to departure with instructions to log in to your online account and print your travel documents (flight boarding passes, hotel check-in, party pass vouchers, etc.)

For additional information or for assistance with adding your party package to your online account, please call your StudentCity Regional Sales Manager directly, or call our office at 888-777-4642.

*Office hours are Monday-Thursday, 10am-6pm & Fridays 10am-5pm EST.