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Nassau, Bahamas Nightlife

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trip-extras-nassau-507964-editedWhen going to Nassau, Bahamas for Spring Break 2016, you will be blown away by the nightlife that the island has to offer. Whether you are looking for a more casual beach bar or a high class club and casino, Nassau has you covered.

With the StudentCity Party Package, you will get OPEN BAR during our StudentCity exclusive events. If you think you are going to be able to find this anywhere else, think again! StudentCity is the only company on the island who is able to offer open bar night events in Nassau! Curious about what kind of night events Nassau has to offer? Check out some of our favorite spots with the best Spring Break nightlife atmosphere.



CLUB LUNA: This large open air club features a large outdoor courtyard and multiple bars. The many balconies offer the perfect spot for our VIPs to dance the night away above the crowd. Club Luna is one of our larger venues that we use, and usually is the host of our biggest talent.

AURA NIGHTCLUB: Located right off of the casino floor in the Atlantis, Aura is one of the most high-class venues that we use for our night events. Ladies, throw on your dresses and heels and dress to impress when going to Aura because you will be partying in style all night.  The glass dance floor, multiple bars, and multiple VIP sections will give your Spring Break the luxurious nightlife that you are looking for.

SENIOR FROGS: Party on the water in this harbor side restaurant and bar located right in downtown Nassau. Great food, strong drinks, and an awesome party atmosphere are all reasons why Senior Frogs will always be one of our favorite places.

Do you want to get in on all of the action on Nassau Spring Break and experience the awesome nightlife that the island has to offer? You’d be missing out if you didn’t.  Click here or on the button below to get more info on Nassau Spring Break 2016 today!

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