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Michigan suspect found hiding in a pile of leaves

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HASTINGS — A fleeing man briefly escaped police after an officer used a thermal imaging device to find him hiding in a leaf pile, but he later was caught and linked to a meth-making operation in a Hastings motel room.

A Hastings officer was responding to an alarm at a local restaurant on Friday when he witnessed a man with a backpack and dressed in dark clothing running from the area.

The officer lost the man, but used the thermal imaging device to find him in a pile of leaves in bushes. –Grand Rapids Press

Not only did this man hide in a pile of leaves, but he also then fled again by way of a river, and was later found scaling a wall near the motel where he was conducting a motel room meth lab.

This is an example of “Don’t get high off your own supply 101.” You’d have to be tripping balls to think you wouldn’t be found hiding out in a pile of leaves. Then again, maybe he is a genius, because he was then able to get away from the cops once again by adventuring through a river.

Sure, the cops have all these fancy “thermal imaging” devices to help find suspects hiding out in a pile of leaves, but at the end of the day how safe are we when they can’t pin the guy down right then and there? Dude had enough time to run, swim, get comfortable and change out of his wet clothes back at the meth lab, and then attempt scaling a wall.

Get these cops out of Dunkin’ Donuts and thermal imaging device training and back to boot camp.