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Meet Regional Sales Manager Bronne

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A little bit about Bronne…

Bronne is the Regional Sales Manager for Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Kansas, Tennessee, California, and Nebraska; “Best states in the Union,” according to Bronne, and his conviction makes it difficult for us to disagree.

Originally from a Little town called Yardley. Where is this, you might ask…“Just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Birthplace of America,” Bronne has informed us. After doing all that was to be done in Yardley, PA, Bronne moved on to University Park, where he tore the house down for four years at Penn State.

Time to cut to the chase.

We’re done beating around the bush. Bronne is our resident reality television phenom. He first heard about StudentCity when he was assigned to work for the company during his bout as a cast member of The Real World: Cancun. Before The Real World, Bronne had no idea that Spring Break companies were even “a thing.”

Happy Anniversary!

Today actually marks Bronne’s two year anniversary as a Regional Sales Manager here at StudentCity. Of the occasion, Bronne says, “If Studentcity was World War II, I’m like the Allied forces in 1944. Haven’t defeated the Nazi war machine yet but victory at this point is inevitable.”

Happy Anniversary, indeed.

Bronne’s favorite part about his work environment here at StudentCity is the overall lax, fun environment around the office, and running our programs in South Padre!

Candid questions with Bronne:

What is your favorite Spring Break destination and why? Cancun, no question. Biggest party spot, best clubs, and all inclusive. Nothing tops all inclusive.

What are your guilty pleasures? I’m proud of all my pleasures so I have no guilty pleasures. But don’t browse my search history. It gets weird.

What’s something interesting about you that makes you different form the rest of the StudentCity family? I’m the best Warhammer player in the office. I also play way more video games and Dungeons and Dragons than anybody else in here. But I’m still cooler than all of them.

What is your favorite movie quote?

Hmmmm. Tough one. Probably the scene in 3:10 to Yuma when Christan Bale tells his son, “You just remember it was your old man who walked Ben Wade to that station…When no one else would.” I’ve got a thing for Westerns.

What are your hobbies? Warhammer, video games, and shooting beer cans in the backyard. I’m pretty sure saying something like that gets me put on a government watch list but I’m an American, goddammit.

Who is your favorite DJ/ music artist? Hmmm. It all depends on my mood, but one of my all time favorite artists is Tom Waits. He’s basically the complete opposite of anything you would ever hear in this office or on Spring Break.

What is your favorite college memory? Halloween senior year may have been my favorite Halloween of all time. My buddy Kyle and I dressed up as our favorite characters from our favorite video game and pulled it off DAMN well. We then played the video game before going out. He said it was like that feeling you got when you were a little kid and dressed up as your favorite superhero then watched him on TV.

What is your favorite thing about Summer? Well not yet but SOON my favorite thing will be riding around in my brand new 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with the top down and doors off.

Did you travel with StudentCity when you were in school? Where did you go and what was the best part? Well I worked with Studentcity my Junior year when we were filming Real World, then senior year I “hosted” Spring Break in Panama City Beach, which was a ton of fun.