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Lil Jon is Performing at Breezes Resort in Nassau, Bahamas – FREE for Inception Cruisers!

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JUST ANNOUNCED; Inception Cruisers will be partying on the white sandy beaches of Nassau, Bahamas with Lil Jon on March 15th. Stay right here to get all of the details.

Is transportation to and from Breezes Resort included?

Transportation to/from Breezes Resort is not included or provided by Inception at Sea, but will be readily available at both the cruise port and the resort. On average, taxis and shuttles to/from Breezes Resort cost $5-$6 per person, depending on the number of people that are riding together. We anticipate that the majority of Inception Cruisers will be going to and from around the same time and will all pile into taxis and shuttles until they’re full – we’re all family here!

How much does this event cost?

The Lil Jon beach party at Breezes Resort is FREE for all Inception Cruisers. Inception Cruisers will all be verified by either your ship key card or a photo ID and your name on the guest list. During the cruise, you will be notified of how you must identify yourself for free entry to the event.

Is open bar included?

No, open bar is NOT included. You have two options for purchasing drinks at the event.

  1. $40 Open Bar Drink Package – add this drink package to your personal online account for the low price of $40 for a three hour open bar package. Open bar is from 12:30-3:30, which is during Lil Jon’s set as well as some opening sets. Click here to log in to your account and add the open bar package!
  2. Cash Bar – there will also be a cash bar at the event to purchase beverages. Beers and well drinks will be about $6-$8 on average.

What time is the Lil Jon beach party?

The Lil Jon beach party is 11am-4pm. There will be entertainment on the ship until 11:30am, but you are free to head over to Breezes Resort by 11am to check out the beach and get primed up with the first opening set of the day!

What is the drinking age in Nassau, Bahamas?

The drinking age in Nassau, Bahamas is 18! This means that all Inception Cruisers are able to drink at the Lil Jon beach party.


Inception at Sea Details & Booking

Inception Cruiser, do you still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. Call 877-438-9438 or email and we will answer any additional questions you have or help you add your open bar package.