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Las Vegas for spring break will be epic

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Spring break is bound to get a little wild this year in Vegas.The Real World may have taken over Sin City ages ago, but young twenty-somethings are returning for an all-week blowout during spring break.

College students who want to party hard late into the night would do well to consider visiting Las Vegas for their march vacation.

From dazzling nightlife to naughty strip clubs and gigantic tropical pools, Vegas is the place to be.

With StudentCity, travelers will get the VIP treatment with luxurious accommodations at the Palm where castmates Trishelle, Frank, big Alton and the other four Real World participants lived while filming the show.

We still think that season was one of the best. From Trishelle’s sneaky and skankalicious ways to Steven’s massive ego (eventually deflated by token black resident, Alton… and hopefully you remember what we’re referring to), there was never a dull moment.

Travelers staying in Vegas won’t get bored either, not even for a second!

Swanky lounges and sexy clubs at the Palm, including a rooftop bar and dance hall with an outdoor skydeck(!) offer students the chance to party in style.

When you stay at the Palms with StudentCity, guests will sleep in some of the softest beds and most luxurious sheets while also getting some really great deals. These include express entry to concerts and celebrity pool parties along with access to the hotel’s own facilities.

In addition, you can detox at the day spa for free! Hollaaaa!

Screw “What happens here, stays here”…this week needs to be documented with all the partying that will happen. How else will you remember all the fun times you had?!

Fun activities by the pool allow students to meet a hottie to hang out with later on at the clubs (and potentially in the bedroom).

Beach olympics will let the guys and girls strut their stuff while a tug of war competition is sure to encourage some flirtatious and witty banter.

Grab a new friend to partner up during the beer pong tournament!

Of course, it’s not Vegas with a little gambling at the casino! Be sure to save a dollar or two per day leading up to the break so they can play the slots or try to win big at the tables.

Students can feel like a VIP with special treatment at the Palms reserved just for those traveling with StudentCity.

Be sure to check out the Playboy Club, featuring some of the hottest girls in town! Playboy bunnies are sure to give every man some extra lovin’ as they serve you delicious martinis and play as your dealer at the tables.

We should note that spring is the best time to visit Sin City… The days aren’t too hot yet and the nights get cool enough that its perfect for those quick outdoor breaks while you’re dancing up a storm!

For some added excitement in Vegas, consider going to one on the themed roller coasters on the strip. From an indoor desert-themed ride to a 200-ft tall thriller around the skyscrapers of Manhattan, there are plenty of options.

Student travelers interested in something more low-key might find places like the lion habitat at the MGM or zoo attractions along the strip enjoyable. There’s always a headliner in town, so perhaps a night with Celine Dion (don’t deny it, bitch can sing) is just the ticket.

Plus, no visit to Vegas is complete without a walk down the Strip…from free pirate shows and water ballets to whimsical lobbies and so many dazzling lights, its impossible to not love this city.