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Kobe Bryant’s doing alright in his old age

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Back-to-back: On Tuesday Kobe scored 48 points in the Lakers’ win over the Suns, and on Wednesday Kobe scored 40 points in the Lakers’ OT win over the Jazz. With these 88 points in his last two games, Kobe is shooting 30.3 ppg. Not bad for an old dude. We’ll check back with Kobe in a bit to see how he is doing later on in the season and against better teams.

In bigger and better NBA news: CP3 and the Clippers beat King James and the Heat 95-89 last night in OT. Maybe LeBron isn’t so clutch after all…taking into consideration two back-to-back OT losses on Tuesday and Wednesday with his ass playing, and the Heat’s OT win back on January 5th when LBJ was injured and not playing. Time to let the other guys do their thing, big boy.

In Boston news: The Celtics lost last night to the Mavs, but more importantly, how does Rondo not die every game? Guy hits the hardwood (and hard!) at least 12 times per game. Any normal person’s bones should be crushed in these situations, but not Rondo’s. Something is wrong with that kid. I’m beginning to believe he enjoys rattling his body off the ground.