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Just Announced: The Bucket List by StudentCity

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Imagine you are thousands of miles away from home standing in the middle of a completely new city for the very first time. What do you hear? What do you smell? What are you seeing? What emotions are running through you?

To someone who has never traveled before, answering these questions seems like a simple task – you hear the local language, you smell the local food, you see the iconic landmarks, and you feel excited. Little do they know, however, their answers to these questions don’t even begin to describe what it is like to actually experience the situation first hand.

On the other hand, travel junkies (ourselves included) will have a much more difficult time answering these questions. To someone who has traveled, the answers to these questions can rarely be described with enough detail to put every feeling and emotion experienced into words. The feeling you get when departing for a trip and embarking on a new journey is like a drug we can’t get enough of; we crave adventure, yearn for new experiences, and are addicted to the high that is experienced with every trip that is crossed off of our bucket list.

This high is a feeling that everyone should have the opportunity to experience, which brings us to officially introduce The Bucket List by StudentCity. Aiming to show every young traveler out there what our amazing world has to offer, The Bucket List by StudentCity combines travel to iconic locations with diverse cultural experiences, meeting new people, and living life to the fullest.

From the curious minds that are new to travel, to the adventurous souls that can never seem to stay in one place long enough to settle down, and anyone in between, we are inviting you to come explore your world!