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The Eiffel Tower in the middle of a purple and deep blue sunset

Introducing: Three New Bucket List Trips!

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We can’t seem to stop growing our Bucket List. There are too many places to see, adventures to go on, and people to meet. The world is wide and there is adventure everywhere! These trips share culture, highlight major attractions in detail, and provide guidance throughout the trip. We believe exposure to a new world that shapes you through experiences you can only get through travel!

Without further ado, The Bucket List by StudentCity presents:

Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona

On this trip to Europe you will hit up 3 top cities within 11 days. Get ready to spend your days falling in

Spending time in Europe at the Familia Sagrada love with the culture, food, and new adventures. All while you spend your nights getting a feel for the typical night life of these three fascinating cities. Ever wanted to visit Anne Frank’s House, the Eiffel Tower, and the Gothic Quarter? On this trip, you pack three trips into one; very comfortably, we might add! Let the amazing tour leaders guide you to everything you need to know and more, they are very thorough in what they do, and they love doing it! In Amsterdam, if you sign up for The Amsterdam Dance Event over the weekend, you will spend the nights there. Haven’t heard of the Amsterdam Dance Event? Let us enlighten you. The past 20 years Amsterdam Dance Event has evolved to become the world’s largest club festival, attracting over 350,000 visitors from around the world each year. The festival covers over the electronic sub genres with more than 2,100 artists preforming in more than 100 of Amsterdam’s best venues. If you are interested in signing up for this event, you will surely have a great time. If you’re not interested in signing up for this event, there is plenty more to do! Barcelona will bring you different adventures from the start. Get some of the best views of the city throughout the tours and see all the necessary spots. We keep the party going through the night by giving you two free VIP club entrance fees!

Greece Island Hopping

Travelers on the mountains of Greece crossing another item off their bucket list

Greece has been on our Bucket List for quite a while now for more reasons then one. As soon as we found an opportunity to include it as a trip option… we took it. On this Island Hopping adventure you will spend 8 days touring ancient Greek cities and a couple of the many (227) islands. Stops along this trip include Athens, Santorini, and Corfu. Each one of these locations is unique in their own way and hold importance to the Greek Culture. From the traditional white houses with the blue roofs on the hillside of Santorini, to the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, to the Gyro’s in Corfu. There is something magical in each of these spots that will make you wonder how people can go though life without seeing Greece’s beauty in person.


If you know someone who’s been to Oktoberfest, I’m guessing you were jealous. This festival (set in September.. I know, it has a bit of a misleading name) has it all and moreOktoberfest has always been on our bucket list ! That is why we’ve shimmied this trip, with two days at Oktoberfest included, onto our Bucket List. From the moment you step foot off the plane you will get an authentic feel for Germany, the history and culture, and the tradition of the festival that is known world-wide and has been around for 207 years. Those who attend Oktoberfest get very, very into it. From the attendees outfits, attitudes, and overall vibes, this beer festival explodes with all things Germany. A major aspect of Oktoberfest is that the beer is only from German breweries so you can’t get your basic PBR or Bud Light. Sorry, but don’t worry, there are many delicious options that will definitely keep you all satisfied! We also reserve a table for the festival. This is very helpful because thousands of people come in and out of the tents! Aside from your two days spent at Oktoberfest, you will also get exposure to Germany’s famous and most compelling points of interest on walking tours of the cities.

There is something inviting about each of these trips. Whether it be experiencing three different European cities, a unique adventure though the Greek islands, or a chance to check out Germany with an included two days at Oktoberfest! Each of these trips provides exactly what you want for the perfect holiday away.


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