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Everyone get excited for Inception Music Festival

Inception Music Festival

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Spring Break Cancun just got BIGGER!
StudentCity, Shah Entertainment, and the city of Cancun have all come together with one thing in mind – SPRING BREAKERS! As all of our travelers can attest to, we throw the best Spring Break events on the map, and our parties are about to get even more epic. In 2013, we are presenting our travelers with the first ever Inception Music Festival.

Inception is a month-long EDM festival in Cancun…
but there is something for everyone. We are hijacking your mind in ways that you never imagined possible, and we are taking you with us to an exclusive dream land. You will be partying at the hottest clubs with not only the biggest names in the EDM community, but also alongside mainstream artists and hip hop/mash-up DJs.

We’ll see you at the hottest clubs in Cancun!
On top of all of this, Inception-goers will be raging the night away in our favorite Cancun nightspots! With nightly concerts at iconic Spring Break Cancun clubs such as The City, Dady O, Sweet, Cabana Beach, and Mandala, as well as new clubs Elevate and Palazzo, you will be wishing Inception would never end.

All of the hottest acts will be there – will you?
As for the phase 1 talent announcement, get ready for Hardwell, Manufactured Superstarts, DayGlow, DJ Vice, AN21, BassJackers, Danny Avila, Havana Brown, Sidney Samson, and more! We will be releasing more talent in a series of announcement phases, so be sure to LIKE StudentCity and Inception Music Festival on Facebook, as well as follow @StudentCity and @InceptionFest on Twitter for updates!