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Inception Music Festival Artist Spotlight | GTA

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Palazzo_Gta_March_23_2015copyGTA is a Miami based production duo made up of the tandem Matthew Van Toth (Van Toth) and Julio Mejia (JWLS).  The two met on social networking sites Soundcloud and Facebook, and have been working together ever since.  Although they are a relatively new group in the Electronic Dance Music scene, the duo has received recognition from and talked to well-known Electronic artists such as Afrojak, Diplo, and Laidback Luke about potential future collaborations.  Their first track, “It’s Time”, was released through Afrojak’s label, Wall Recordings.

The duo’s production genre is typically classified as House music, but is influenced by other genres like Hip Hop, Salsa, and more.  The reason for the diversity in their music stems from the diversity in both Van Toth’s and JWLS’ individual sounds.   Before coming together, the two were producing their own music – Van Toth with a more Techy-House sound and JWLS’ sound being strongly influenced by Hip Hop.  Essentially, GTA does not feel the need to stick to one genre.  Their goal is to get everyone on their feet dancing and to play whatever they think is cool at the time.

Ironically, the two aren’t party animals when they aren’t performing or on a nationwide tour.  They have never been into the club scene, but this just gives them more time to devote to producing their music.  GTA is currently in the studio working diligently to release new tracks to further get their name out there and become more established in the Electric Music Scene.

GTA will, however, be taking a break from the studio during Spring Break 2015 to come down to Cancun for Inception Music Festival!

Spring Break 2015 is in full swing and has been off to a great start.  Hopefully you have your plans lined up already!  If not, give us a call at 888-777-4542 right away to get started.  We’re open Monday-Thursday, 10am-6pm EST and Fridays 10am-5pm.

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