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Hurricane Sandy brought the booze

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This story has been kicking around this week, and we just love it!

NY POST: “A Brooklyn marina pub broke off from its main structure during the hurricane — and floated two miles before landing on a residential street, treating stunned residents there to its well-stocked bar for an after-storm bash…When the bar hut came to a rest, residents discovered its tables and chairs were miraculously intact — as was a wide variety of booze. By Wednesday, residents had set up an impromptu watering hole, writing “SANDY’S BAR” in red marker across the gray facade.”

Just doing what anyone would do in this situation.
GENIUS. Given the devastation that New York and New Jersey have faced due to Hurricane Sandy, what better way for the community to really come together than by comprehensively deciding to rage at a bar that happened to drift and land in their neighborhood?

Sounds like the perfect celebration.
All sensitivities aside, Madoc Avenue/Keen Court in Gerritsen Beach, was definitely the place to be this week. If I lived in one of the thousands of other neighborhoods that was stricken hard by Sandy, and a bar didn’t end its drift on my street, I’d be pissed. What better way to spend another day of waiting to be helped after the hurricane, than by partying a little? Celebrate the good things in your life. Sandy ravaged your home and other property, but you still have your health, good company, and booze.

You can still help those in need!
All things considered, we hope that New York and New Jersey residents are all safe and healthy. For everyone else, there are thousands of homes that need rebuilding, people who are still in need of food, clothing, a place to live, and so much more. Visit the American Red Cross to learn how you can help those in need.